About Refractory Maintenance CorporationInnovative solutions to ensure optimum performance

Refractory Maintenance Corp. is proud to be recognized as a respected industry partner and leader. For over a quarter of a century, experienced RMC craftsmen have successfully provided customized solutions and high performance products that fit varying degrees of industrial temperature needs.

Our Mission:

To serve industry’s demand for customized, cost-effective and energy efficient solutions by applying advanced technology and high performance products.

“RMC has demonstrated a good attention to detail including proper mixing and placing techniques while adhering to plant and OSHA  safety requirements. The quality of work and customer focus have been impressive. “ – Marcel Boulais, Senior Mechanical Engineer


About Refractory Maintenance CorporationWith proven history of designing, building, installing or retrofitting engineered systems, Refractory Maintenance Corp. continues to provide innovative solutions to meet diverse customer challenges. Working in partnership with our valued customers, RMC is responsive to individual needs. Whether designing, engineering, fabricating or installing a new industrial furnace system, or repairing, rebuilding, or retrofitting an existing furnace, RMC applies advanced technology to meet today’s standards.