Single source supplier of quality refractory materials & products

We are a proud distributor of RESCO , Thermal Ceramics , and Mt. Savage Products

Refractory Maintenance Corp. is committed to offering high performance refractory products of all grades. As a full-line stocking distributor, Refractory Maintenance Corp. represents a wide variety of manufacturers including the world’s most recognized refractory material producers, who research and develop products from select raw materials for specific applications. Refractory Maintenance Corp. is confident in its ability as a single source supplier to provide quality products designed for diverse applications.

  • Specialties
  • Brick and shapes
  • Insulating firebrick
  • Custom cast refractory shapes
  • Ceramic fiber products
  • Board and shapes
  • Textiles
  • Anchors

“Refractory Maintenance Corporation has been our refractory contractor of choice since 1994. RMC has been maintaining and relining our aluminum melter and holding furnaces for 20 plus years. We know we can count on them in an emergency situation, they will respond promptly.

They have a proven safety record at our facility. Whether they are here to perform annual pm’s or complete furnace relines, we have confidence that the scope of work will be performed safely and on time.”

William Frederick

Cast House Manager